What Does Bakersfield Need?

Answer this at your own discretion. We live in a city where majority of residents claim something is missing. The definition of “need” changes with perspective. While infrastructure expands to cover needs for respiratory clinics, education zones, and commercial real estate grows more as California citizens migrate in from the more dense populations in the state, we see this space to gather specific interests of these ideas. I love seeing the new children’s hospital established off Stockdale and Allen, also I remember the opening of Riverwalk Park back in 2006. These developments slowly alter the focal points of town and where we spend our time or proudly show off to visitors. What areas need this and in what capacity? For me I am beyond curious to see how the Northwest corner of Coffee and Brimhall will turn out. Right off the parkway and in the hub of the entrance to Rosedale, this lot is being transformed into a suburban hangout from the once industrial end of town. What will downtown look like by 2025? Plans have been tossed around to create more urban, high rise development to attract more modern business to our area.

Where does this leave us in terms of the balance of gentrification and restoration? What are some off limit facilities and buildings that need to be highlighted and what projects can be implemented to overhaul more bleak spots of town. Feel free to let us know.

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I am a local that decided that it was a good idea to create an all inclusive site to gather ideas, share local tips, and recommendations here in Bakersfield,CA.

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