Why Now and Why Bakersfield.

Let’s just start this off with a obvious fact, I think every young person growing up in Bakersfield has had that thought more than once of, “I can’t wait to get the hell out of this place”. You can definitely include me in that group, even now I can vividly remember my mindset leaving town for the first time. It was a moment of no return, even during my early 20’s, seeing myself reside permanently in my own hometown seemed reminiscent to the old saying of “I don’t want to die 5 miles from where I was born”. Yeah it was a well deserved thought for who I was, short sightedness tends to be prevalent in your teens and twenties, it was for me especially. Growing up is more than realizing your parents are under-appreciated and you actually would rather hang out with them then your own friends. It is about understanding where your footprint will go, how your quality of life can be improved by the routes and initiatives you take. From a guy who hasn’t spent more than 3 months consecutively in Bakersfield since 2012, I thought the amount of passports stamps and frequent flyer miles I’ve accumulated would lead to better ideas for relocation but there I think I finally figured out the common denominator. Wherever I have been I don’t fully remember what the food tastes like, or the names of the busiest streets we were on but I do remember the people I was with. The most universal thing about my quality of life is who I have been able to share time and moments with. That is where we are now. That is where I think the inspiration for this online community comes from. What I think separates Bakersfield from other cities is the people; a “small” town where local roots are proudly exemplified and economic prosperity is evident. You match this with the ever-growing residential and commercial expansions towards the outskirts of the city and it becomes evident how the city we knew before is evolving in real time. We just want to be apart of that growth because we believe there are some pretty damn cool people that we can’t wait to share with you.

Published by everythingbakersfield

I am a local that decided that it was a good idea to create an all inclusive site to gather ideas, share local tips, and recommendations here in Bakersfield,CA.

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